The Ultimate Guide to the Powerful Discography of New Model Army Albums


Fierce, powerful, insightful – these are just a few words to describe the vast discography of New Model Army. The renowned rock band never ceased to amaze its fans with a unique blend of music, crafting an unforgettable milestone in the music history.

The Early Years and Debut Album

New Model Army’s journey started off in 1980, in Bradford, England. Vengeance, their debut album, marked the onset of a thrilling journey. Released in 1984, Vengeance made a solid impact and signified the start of a legendary era.

No Rest for the Wicked and The Ghost of Cain

Their second album, No Rest for the Wicked, reached number 22 on the UK Albums Chart. With tracks like “Better Than Them” and “No Rest”, the album revealed the band’s penchant for politically charged lyrics combined with catchy punk rock tunes.

Following the success of The Ghost of Cain in 1986, the explorative nature of New Model Army started to manifest itself. The album offered a darker, heavier tone than its predecessors and marked the band’s evolution into more complex musical territory.

From Here to Thunder and Lightning

The band continuously evolved their sound within each album, perfectly encapsulated in the 1989 release, Thunder and Consolation. This album saw a shift towards folk rock, integrating violin and harmonica into their punk roots.

As the band moved into the 90s, the evolution of their discography continued with the release of Impurity in 1990 and The Love of Hopeless Causes in 1993. The former upgraded the folk tones of its predecessor while the latter presented an attempt at a commercial crossover with a heavier rock sound.

Modern Times and Beyond

The late 90s and early 2000s saw the band’s discography grow with albums like Strange Brotherhood (1998), Eight (2000), Carnival (2005), all characterized by a mix of punk rock, folk, and post-punk elements.

High (2007) and “Today Is a Good Day (2009)”, exhibited the band’s exceptional ability to incorporate new elements into their evolving sound. The choruses were larger, the themes were grander, and their sound was finely tuned.

Winter, From Here and Beyond

In their most recent work – Winter (2016) and From Here (2019), the band has matured while staying remarkable in their approach to music. They haven’t lost their touch, their music still reverberates with intensity and purpose.

Closing Thoughts

The discography of New Model Army offers a rich journey through a wide spectrum of musical styles. Their evolution over the decades, their depth, and their versatility all shine through in their albums – making them a standout band in modern music history. Their work speaks volumes about their prowess – a testament to their unending talent and audacity in the ever-changing music scene.

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