Tommy Lee Drum Kit: Unveiling the Magic Behind Its Extraordinary Sound

Introduction to Tommy Lee’s Drum Kit

In the vast cosmos of rock music, Tommy Lee, Motley Crue’s legendary drummer, stands as a supernova. His drum kit is a symbol of not just his awe-inspiring skill but also his unabated passion for music. Let’s take a deep dive into the uniqueness and essence of Tommy Lee’s drum kit, shedding light on the magic that goes behind its extraordinary sound.

The Evolution of Tommy Lee’s Drum Kit

Tommy Lee’s journey with his drum kits is a fascinating blend of progressive thinking and profound exploration. A short trace back into the history offers a glimpse at his transformation, musically and aesthetically.

The Early Years

Contrary to the large kit he is known for today, Tommy Lee began his journey with a five-piece Pearl Export series, often considered the stepping stones of his successful career.

The Double Bass Phase

In the era of the 70’s and 80’s, it was the time when Tommy Lee redefined his sound, incorporating double bass drums. The signature Motley Crue songs like ‘Dr. Feelgood’ made this phase abundantly memorable.

The 360 Roller Coaster Kit

Moving ahead, Lee pushed past the boundaries conventional drum kits with the iconic 360 Roller Coaster Kit, a unique setup that rotates, allowing Lee to play upside down.

The Loop Coaster

In line with Tommy’s eccentricity, The Loop Coaster took his live performances to a new high.

The Anatomy of Tommy Lee’s Reflective Drum Kit

The latest Tommy Lee drum kit, conspicuously known as The Reflective Kit, is as striking in its sound as it is in its aesthetics.


The kit comprises a Pearl Crystal Beat Drums set that includes a 24-inch bass drum, 14-inch snare, and a collection of tom-toms.


Tommy Lee’s cymbal setup includes a variety of Zildjian models, offering him scope for versatility and depth in sound.


The Pearl hardware comprises a Demon Drive double pedal, ICON rack system, Eliminator hi-hat stand, and a host of other components that enhance the drummer’s precision and control.

The Impact of Tommy Lee’s Drum Kit on the Sound of Motley Crue

The influence of Tommy Lee’s drum kit on Motley Crue’s sound cannot be overstated. His groundbreaking playing techniques coupled with his meticulously chosen drum parts have played a vital role in setting the band apart from their contemporaries.

Conclusion: The Legacy of Tommy Lee’s Drum Kit

Tommy Lee’s drum kit, from its initial stages to the present day, symbolizes his fascinating musical journey. Each evolution of his kit marks an era of creative exploration, contributing significantly to the sonic landscape of rock music.

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